Two days ago I informed you about what I call, the before the day. I can understand if you, after you had your BTD, you feel a bit tired during the day, because you are up early. Therefore is a solution: the powernap!

There are several ways to powernap, but I have created my own, and it works for me.

What is a powernap?

A powernap is as it says, a power nap. A quick nap, which gives you a boost to go own the rest of the day. You feel better after the quick nap. With quick, I really mean quick, don’t sleep longer than 30 minutes. Your sleep intensity is at the start really high, so at the beginning of your sleep, you gain a lot of mental energy.

How to powernap

  • First, drink coffee, of course, this sounds like cheating, but it works! Drink coffee before you go to sleep, and the caffeine will start to work after 20 minutes. Which wakes you up!
  • Set your alarm at 30 minutes. You won’t sleep right away, so set your alarm at 30 minutes, if you are tired enough you will fall asleep within 10 minutes and you still have a 20 minutes nap. Which is the right amount.
  • Go to sleep. Obviously, close all the curtains and get into bed, with you clothes on. Seriously, getting up will be hard, but if you have your clothes on already, it’s much easier. It sounds rediculous, but it is true.
  • When the alarm goes, get out of bed. Open the curtains, shut off the alarm, be awake.
  • Alright, I’ll give you a break, get back in for 5 more minutes. But don’t fall asleep! Just enjoy the warmth of your bed!
  • Get up, and feel refreshed.

I use the powernap as a way to recover after a training, so I can go on with school again. For me, it is working really well. I’m curious about how it works for you, post it in the comment section, I want to make another post with reactions, and I want to use yours! (You can also contact me on Twitter!)

Put the powernap in practise and share your thoughts!

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