Let’s Talk About Organization

Believe it or not, you need to be more than smart to do well in school. You also need to be really organized. If you aren’t organized, you’re likely to forget assignments, miss appointments, procrastinate so much you don’t study for a test—all that not so good stuff.

Obviously, it’s easy to say you have […]

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StudySuccessful Interviews Episode 2 – Douwe Hooijenga

In my life I talk with a lot of people, lot of friends of course, but I also meet a lot of new people. Most of these people have an interesting story to tell. A couple of those interesting stories are about how to live a successful college life. Their story resonates with the […]

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5 Life Lessons We can Learn from Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman passed away 26 years ago on this date. I was not even born 26 years ago (1990, what’s up!). Richard Feynman was one of the greatest professors of all time. Let’s sume up a little. He studied at MIT and Princeton, where he was invited by Niels Bohr to work on some […]

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My Three Words for 2014

Of course, 2014 has already started, but I don’t think I’m too late for defining and publishing my three words for 2014.

This exercise is something I picked up from a Dutch friend, who learned of it from Chris Brogan.

The exercise is not very simple and requires some deep thought beforehand, something I did during […]

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7 Minute Workout – The Workout for the Busy Student

With a busy student life one of the things which you can easily forget is working out every once in a while. A schedule with classes during the day and extracurricular activities in the evening doesn’t have much space for gym sessions, football practise or swimming a mile or two.

Even though we understand how […]

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Build your own Personal Website – Free Guide UPDATED!

The last two years I had a simple PDF file online, it was called ‘How to build a Blog as a Student.’ It was a guide on building your own website, with screenshots explaining the several steps.

It was a pretty neat guide, even though I am biased. It was simple, it was complete and […]

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