Build your own Personal Website – Free Guide UPDATED!

The last two years I had a simple PDF file online, it was called ‘How to build a Blog as a Student.’ It was a guide on building your own website, with screenshots explaining the several steps.

It was a pretty neat guide, even though I am biased. It was simple, it was complete and […]

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Successful Students Motivational Course is live!

Everybody who is following me on Twitter probably saw some strange tweets from me. I was working on a motivational course and every step was awesome! And now it is live.

Are you in the beginning of your academic year and you are still not motivated?
Are you in college right now but you can’t find […]

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100th post: ebook!

The hundredth post on StudySuccessful, this is it. When I was starting in may 2009, I didn’t thought I would make it to 100 posts, I was brainstorming ideas and I didn’t got any further than 20 I think. But it didn’t stopped by 20 posts, StudySuccessful continued. And now here we are, 100 […]

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