Sorry, I didn’t want to insult you, you aren’t fat or anything like it. You just need to go on a media diet, I will explain what it is.

What is a media diet?

A media diet is like a regular diet, it’s a ‘well-balanced reading diet.’ You will plan what you are going to read. So, if you having a day of college, you need to be motivated to learn that day. Start the day with some stimulating reading at your breakfast. You know that you feel exhausted after a working day? Read a comic book to relax a little after that day.

The idea of the media diet is based on ‘you are what you read.’ Do you read a lot of negative books? You will start to feel more negative. Do you read a lot about gardening? You will be more likely to start gardening!

How to set a media diet.

  • Know how you need to feel when. As I said, you need to listen and learn a lot during college? Read something which will learn you much during your breakfast. You want to exercise in the afternoon? Read about Rocky Balboa and feel the motivation!
  • Connect reading to your feelings. Allright, now you have selected the feelings you need during the day, connect them to reading material!
  • Make the diet. Really, make a diet. Look at mine below!
  • Implement the diet and feel the difference.

Hey Stefan, how do you do it?

Ok, I’m going to share my diet with you guys.

For breakfast I have some easy reading material, just to start up. I love reading about great ideas in the morning, cause this stimulate me to get more out of the day! I begin the day most of the times reading the magazine ‘Ode’. It’s a magazine about great, unconventional, ideas to create a better world. This magazine stimulates my creativity and my conscience.

For lunch I read something easy. I need to relax a little after a morning of mental activity, so I like to read some fiction, but at the end of the lunch I want to stimulate myself again and read something from Ode again (I really love that magazine).

For dinner I read something I feel like wanting to read. The day is sort of over, and I start on some fiction or something like it. But, as I want to keep doing something in the evening I like to read a book of which I can learn something. Most of the times that includes stuff about the human brain, a big interest of mine!

The late midnight snack is fiction for me. Before going to sleep I like to read some fiction book in bed. Just to shut off my day. Reading is better for that than staring at a screen, I believe!

Well, that is my diet. As all diets, it needs some variation from time to time, so it’s not always the same. This is my story about the media diet, let me know how it works out for you! Do you need advice or should I make the diet for you? Don’t be afraid to contact!



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