The big question, what do you do in 20 years? Where do you live? What is your job? How do you live, with who do you live? Questions you probably can’t answer. How do you know with who you are going to live right now? But you do have a dream, you can see yourself in 20 years. You want to be successful right? You want to chase your passion and be successful in whatever you are going to do, and you will love it? Do you see yourself in a suit, on the Bahamas, or just casual in a medium house?

I’m still not sure about my dream. I want to become a neurologist, probably work in the third world a couple of years, build a small clinic over there. Furthermore, I would like to stay active in writing; because it is something I love to do!

How you define yourself with every decision you make
All right, you have a image now of how and what you want to become, now act like it. This is the point where you need to think more. You need to make decisions, as usual, but now you have to think more when you are making decisions. This is because you have to take that image of yourself in 20 years in the decision. Is this going to bring you any closer to that goal? Or is it just putting you further away from it. Does this decision have a positive or a negative influence on your long term goal?

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Little example: Peter wants to become Olympic champion biathlon. He trains every day, and is on his way to become the best of the best. A friend of his throws a party: ‘Hey Peter, you are invited also, I’ll see you friday?’ Peter answers that he will be there. He made the decision, this means he is choosing for a party, instead of going to bed early. The party may include a couple of alcoholic beverages, which is bad for his body and because of the hangover he might not be able to train the next day.

Of course, this one is obvious. Let us look at a choice you are making every day, which have a lot of effect on your life also. The decision of what you are going to put on your sandwich, every day again. Do you choose cheese? Or do you choose sweet, unhealthy stuff? This seems stupid, but when you are eating unhealthy on the long term, it has great effect! Next time you are doing groceries, choose for a healthy product instead of unhealthy products. That decision, in the supermarket, defines pretty much of who you are.

Do you want to do more with your life? Do you think you are somebody we have been waiting for? Is your mantra like mine ‘here to do more’? Act like it. Every day, all the time. Define yourself, by every decision you make.

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