We read it all the time, everywhere, if you follow more study-blogs you have probably read it today already. ‘If you plan good, you will have extraordinary results and you will become a straight-A student blabla.’ I admit it, you will become successful when you plan ahead and I guess you want to start planning right now when you read a post about it. ‘ Hell yeah, I’m gonna be productive and successful! Let’s plan!’ I say: STOP RIGHT THERE!

Allright, this is the plan

Allright, this is the plan

You shouldn’t start planning right now..

Because you will plan too much

Of course, you want to be successful now and want to become the best student in class, you want to start now and continu till you drop dead. So you start with a good planning, every day of the week. But that doesn’t work. You know yourself. You won’t study every day for ten minutes before going to bed. That seems like a good planning now, but you won’t maintain it. Observe your own behavior and learn! You are enthusiastic and want to study, but you ain’t going to do it.

Because you plan too long

Now you think you can study for hours, and you will plan that. ‘Ah the friday afternoon is free, let’s get my math done then.’  But, you will end up with a full to-do list playing Star Wars Battlefront.

.. Unless.

You know yourself! You want to plan right now, go do it! That is great, but don’t plan too much and don’t plan too long. Even better, plan too less. Plan with the feeling ‘this is not going to make me a straight-A student.’ And you will discover, that this is a planning you can maintain and this is a planning which brings you to instant success.


Know yourself, and plan with that knowledge. Plan less, maybe too less and you will stick to the plan! Now, go do it! Release your inner-wantingtobecomethebeststudentever-feeling and plan!

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