Finals are coming up, even here in Holland. One week to go!
In this week, you shouldn’t stay up all night playing WoW or sleep out till 11am, you should have a daily schedule.

Why you should adopt a daily schedule

  • You will get ‘in the flow.’ If you get up at 8 and you are sitting behind your desk at 9 am, you will get used to it. So when you have that exam, and you need to be awake and alert at 9am, you will be, cause it is your daily rhythm. Making exams at 9am? That’s nothing new to you!
  • Your body will get in the flow. Perhaps even more important, your body. When you wake up at 11 normally and now you suddenly have breakfast at 8am, your body will refuse. ‘No, nothing gets in here, I’m sleeping.’ And making exams on an empty stomach? Besides eating, you’ll need your sleep. If you are used to go asleep at 1am, you won’t get asleep at 10pm the night before the big day, believe me.
  • You will get extremely productive. I ain’t talking about the productivity you reach after you had a powernap, but the serious ‘I do loads of work on a day-productivity.’ If you have your daily schedule, working from 9 till 12:30, lunch, from 1:30 till 5:30 working, you will get a lot done.
  • Your body will love you. Having scheduled meals is healthy, so if you only eat breakfast, lunch and diner your body will like it. Before the final-period, I ate on every moment of the day, but now I only have the 3 meals (and some betweens, of course ;)).

What should a daily schedule look like?

I ain’t a big fan of a minute to minute schedule. With a schedule I mean times which can change. Don’t make yourself get up at 7:30, get up between 7 and 8. That is far more relaxing. Here is a screenshot of google calendar, how it should look  like.

Daily Schedule

If you are heading your finals, think about a daily schedule, think about it how you should adopt it, a minute-to-minute schedule or a free hour-to-hour schedule. No matter which you’ll apply, you find comfort from both of them.

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