Via HackCollege¬†I found Obama’s speech at ASU Commencement: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

This speech was as you expect from the president at a commencement. Motivating. Motivating to not stop with your effort and continu the hard work in your life. And it worked, at least for me.

Why did Obama motivate me?

First of all, I am not an American. But still, the talk about the American Spirit (at the end of part 2) touched me and thrilled me. He got great examples of firefighters, policemen and everyone who helped at New Orleans.

He talked about all the problems we are facing, the two wars, the recession and the climate problems. After that, he spoke to the grads, that he needed them, that America needed them, the young, the fresh to rebuild the country that was so big once. To build a better foundation, for our kids.

That was not the only thing, he consistently spoke about ‘the class of 2009′. This is just a good name to call them. Those graduate students will feel like ‘We are that class, we are the class who graduate in a time that isn’t that good, and we are going to make this world better.’

At part 3, around 3.40, Obama said ‘made us, want to be successful for them’. You don’t have that much money, you don’t accomplished anything at the company you are working, but for others, you have accomplished so much. You are a mentor, a good example for kids who are going to school, cause you already have that degree! You don’t see¬†anything on your bank account yet, but be proud of yourself, be proud of what you achieved!

But what his whole speech was build on, was the body of work. He said, ‘The body of work is never done.’ And that was the strongest sentence he said, according to me. Grads aren’t finished, they can’t just relax now, they must continu, continu with their hard working. You won’t stop learning, you won’t stop developing yourself, your body of work, is never done.

I love it, do you?



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