Where to buy textbooksDo you have the lists of books you need to buy for next semester already in your mail? End of July, holiday just started and you should start thinking about the next academic year again. How are you going to buy your textbooks, in chuncks or all together? And even more important, where do you buy cheap college textbooks? Here are some options and I would like to share a little hack with you in the end.

Where to buy your textbooks the upcoming semester

  • BookRenter.com. You’ve seen the ad probably before on this blog, BookRenter is one of StudySuccessful’s sponsors. BookRenter.com is a website where you can rent all textbooks you need for the next year (USA only), instead of buying them. Pretty smart, eh? I’ve been talking about¬†renting instead of buying before, so I won’t bring up that again. But it is something to consider!
  • Amazon student. Amazon.com recently started a new thing called Amazon student. Students who sign up now get the ‘Amazon Prime’ for free by giving your school and major. You will get free two-day shipping without aminimum order size. Pretty awesome. If you don’t want to use this service, you can also just browse in their textbooks.
  • At your University. That is probably how I am going to get my textbooks. We can buy textbooks at the University for a discounted price and because a lot of books are actually written by the professors themselves, it is a way to make sure that you get all the books you need. I don’t like the idea of prescribed books that are written by the professors who prescribe them (more on that later), but there is no other way.

How do you know you get the cheapest price?

And here is the hack. I recently got an email in my inbox from a reader who told me about a website called ‘campusbooks.com‘. You can enter any ISBN number, author or keyword and campusbooks.com will compare the prices from different sellers and renters. Campusbooks will show you where you can buy cheap college textbooks and where you can rent it for the lowest price. Pretty awesome. I don’t own a iPhone myself, but the reader who’ve send me the email told me you can just scan any barcode (by making a picture) and the Campusbooks app will compare the price with other sellers/renters. So imagine: You are in a bookstore, scanning a barcode and saying to the owner of the store: ‘Sorry bro, the book is cheaper somewhere else, bye!’ Awe-some.

You will spend a lot of money this year (again) on books, make an educated decision on where you are going to buy your books and whether or not you are actually going to buy them! Compare them, at the ‘Textbooks‘ ¬†tab on top, yes, it is affiliate, but still a genuine good product. Compare your textbooks and get the cheapest!

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