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My high school story is over now. Next year I will join University and I will start a new part of my life. The part in which I learn more about things I love to learn.

But for now; what to do AFTER the exams? In your BIG vacation? Three months of complete freedom, the world is at your feet, but you are facing nothing than boredom right? Here is what to do!


What to do during the holidays?

  • Go on vacation. This is what I did, the day after my last exam. We went to Rome. It’s great, you lose the examstress immediatly and you don’t fall in a big hole with a lot of free time, because there is so much to see and to do there! If you have saved some money, go use it for a fantastic vacation! Go hiking in New Sealand, do a Europa-trip with friend or just go with your family and have a great time.
  • Get a job. You have free time now, use it! Work and work hard. Get a job, and earn a lot of money and use that money to do the above thing!
  • Study even more. This is important if you graduated from high school and you’ll join college or university. You may miss some material which is needed in college/university. Get on summer school and learn that stuff and be prepared for the study you are going to do.
  • Just relax, you deserved it. We did well this year, allow yourself to chill for a while now. Read a book, read all the forgotten magazines now, go hang out with friends. Have a good time with them, it may be your last chance to see them. You will seperate now, everyone will start studying something else, you will miss them, make a good time out of your vacation. 

In short

Make the most of the time now. Enjoy it to the fullest. Tell me what you are going to do these days! Share it in the comments 😉



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