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I have the opportunity to give a workshop ‘how a student works smarter (as in lifehacking)’ to the IT department from my university. That makes me wondering: What do you miss at the university computers/software?

Some examples from my side. What bothers me:

  • No RSS in Blackboard. What about that? I have to go to blackboard every day to check for updates on my courses. So I have to go to a website to see if it changed in one way or the other. That kind of actions has been way easier for years and we call it RSS (Real Simple Syndication), I don’t want to go to blackboard for updates, blackboard should come to me!
  • ‘No software download policy’ on university computers. I understand that this prevents a lot of viruses on the computers, but there are a couple of programs I use all of the time on my laptop (Google Chrome for instance) that I miss big time on the university computers..

So what bothers you? What do you miss on the computers or what kind of things could be way easier? How do you want to hack (again: as in lifehacking) the computers of the university, what isn’t possible right now! Please share it in the comments!

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