What is queensdayApril 30th! Happy Queensday everybody. Huh? What do you mean?

Alright, I am Dutch, which means I am from the Netherlands. And that is a really small country, we are not the capital of Germany or something, we are not Denmark, we are a country and we are doing a pretty good job economically.

But the best part about being Dutch is the day op April 30th. That is a national holiday. We celebrate the birthday of our Queen (she is born on January 28th though). We do that in several ways.

The night before Queensday, we have parties already. We call that ‘prince-night’ and I don’t know why. According to a lot of people of my age (19), that is the best night to party, as it isn’t that crowded yet.

The holiday itself. I am going to Amsterdam this year, to celebrate it over there. Festivals all over the place. The biggests artists are performing in several places all over the country. Kids are selling there stuff at some sort of garage-sale, but than on the street. That phenomenon is called ‘vrijmarkt’ and it is a big part of the day itself. The Queen will visit a place in the country somewhere (last year at my place, awesomeness!) and there will be even more festivities!

So I will be in Amsterdam, there are several places for parties. ‘Leidseplein’ will be featuring artists this year and ‘Museumplein’ will be featuring DJ Tiesto! I will be probably just stand there, in the crowd, drinking a little beer and heading back home not that late. That is because of the night.

The night
That is the night when EVERYBODY is going out. Everybody is going to bars and clubs. So it will be really, really crowded. Fun, when you are 16, but not that fun, when you are 19. Because there will be a lot of people aged 16. Queensnight is always the same, drunk people everywhere and the fighting starts around 1AM, that is why I don’t like it! But we will see what happens tonight.

I hope you understand a little bit more about Queensday right now. Let me just say it is really, really fun, mostly because it is a day for the Dutch people only and a day the Dutch people only will understand. Follow the hashtag #QD10 to see what happens. Happy Queensday everybody!

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