I have a fun little weekend assignment in mind and I hope you are willing to participate.

How important is your appearance? Are you spending half an hour in front of the mirror every morning? Do you spend a lot of time putting make-up on your face? And how much do you think your looks are influencing the way people behave towards you? This experiment will be part of a bigger post I will post somewhere in May!

The assignment: Stop doing your hair in the morning

Are you putting a lot of time, grease and effort in your hair right now? Stop doing it. This weekend, you won’t be using any of the hair products you have in your bathroom (except shampoo, please) and see what happens! Just a quick brush with hairbrush! That is all you can do, so it will look a little bit decent! I will take this experiment and I am excited to see what happens. Are people treating your different? Have fun, and post your finding in the comments!

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