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‘I’m waving the flag, I’m waving the flag’ says the World Cup/Coca Cola song ‘Waving flag‘ by K’naan. Obvious, with the world cup around everybody seems to be waving a flag. We wave the Dutch flag over here, the States probably waved the stars and stripes and in South Africa there are all kinds of flags waving.

What kind of flag do you wave?
When you look at people their life, people are waving flags. It resembles where they are in life and what they are all about right now. Newly weds will wave a flag which says newly wed, new fathers will wave the ‘Just got a son flag’ and students will wave the ‘Party!!! flag’.

Now I want to ask you, if you have a flag in your hand and anything can be on it, what kind of flag do you wave? What is on your flag? What are you waving about right now in your life? What are you all about right now in your life? And are you satisfied with the picture that is on your flag? If not, you should probably stop waving and start putting down the flag, in order to change it and wave another flag!

Pick out your flag and start waving it. It doesn’t matter what is on the flag you are waving, as long as you are proud of it!

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