Finals! Scary scary. A lot of work to do, a lot of material to cover. In a short amount of time. And then there is one more problem. The world cup is on. Whoops, now what?

According to me, you should never skip a match of your own country. Even when it is finals week and you are ‘way too busy to do anything but studying’. I think you should stop studying for 90 minutes every once in a while to watch a game of soccer (Yes people from the US, we in Europe are big supporters of soccer and I think you are becoming two!).

Why you should watch a game while you are in finals week

  • It gets your mind off. We all know that your subconscious can solve a lot of problems, as long as you give it some time. When you are in finals week, your mind needs rest. You need breaks in order to study harder the next session, in order to memorize more! Watching a game can be a good distraction from studying.
  • You can let go. A soccer match is the perfect way to let yourself completely go. Go watch with friends and curse the referee. Say how hard your team sucks and cheer even harder when they win however. You can let go all of your emotions when you are watching the World Cup!
  • It is great for the patriot in you! Watching how your country is winning is awesome! You are supporting the beautiful country you are living in, is there anything more patriotic? You are on the couch with clothes on in the colour of your country (orange!) and you are cheering because you country is winning!
  • It is fun. It is just fun and you need a laugh in your final week. Fulltime stress doesn’t do good to anyone, so please don’t let stress overrule the week, have fun, enjoy the game!

Watching a game of soccer isn’t really that bad. It can be a good thing actually. Have fun and enjoy the game. And please pray with me that the Dutch are going to win the world cup.

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