Walking almost on bare feet through the snow is crazy, of course. That is why I did it. Let me share the reason and some insights with you.

I can highly recommend you watching the video above, so you will see the proof, also you will hear the explanation right from my mouth, instead of through words typed afterwards!

Walking on flipflops through the snow

It was an experiment, I don’t walk all the time on my flipflops through the snow. What I did was putting on my flipflops, walking to the supermarket, buying a pizza and walking back. This meant I had to go through the snow, be in a public place and going back trough the snow. This experiments has a couple of components. First it is to see what is more important: An organ or the image people have of me. Second it was to get back to nature: Thousands of years ago we didn’t wear shoes, right?

What is more important? Your feet or your image?

When I went out and visited the supermarket, my feet were freezing. They actually hurt and they needed half an hour to get on temperature again. And then I entered the supermarket. A place where I know people and at a time that it was really busy there (just before dinner).

Now, about what would I care more? On my hurting/freezing feet or my image? What is more important? How people look at you or an extremity? I can tell you, you will still care about people looking to you (or your feet). I went straight to the shelf where I had to be and went right to the checkout counter. Not because I wanted to get home, but I didn’t want people see me.

I actually saw somebody I know, but I didn’t go to him, I just walked on. Why? Because I didn’t want to explain what I was doing. As I wrote in the last post, an experimental lifestyle is something a lot of people can’t understand. And when you are doing experiments, people will think you are crazy. And it is hard to accept, hard to keep explaining. So I chose to just skip it, don’t go to him, just go pay and leave.

To conclude, your image is apparantly that important that you care about it more than hurting feet..

Going back to nature

Thousands of years ago, what were people wearing on their feet? Probably nothing right? Even in the snow, they would just walk. Having watched a video of the Iceman (Wim Hof, a Dutch guy with 18 world records concerning cold). I wanted to get back to nature as well. So I walked (almost) bare feet in the snow. You wouldn’t think you care about it when your feet are hurting, but it felt kind of cool. I was actually feeling closer to nature, closer to how we lived years ago. Strange, abstract, but a nice feeling. I can recommend you doing something like it, just for the feeling!

A recommendation?

Yes. Absolutely. This experiment is a great way to learn more about yourself and how you care about different things.

For now, get your flipflops on and get out!

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