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Have you ever watched ‘Field of dreams‘? This movie is a lot discussed in How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson is a big fan of it. If you have, great job, you will understand the upcoming post way better. If you haven’t, read on anyway, I’ll try to explain.

The voice inside
Ray is told (by his cornfield) to ‘build it and he will come’. Ray doesn’t have any idea on what to build and on who will come. And suddenly he sees it in front of him. He needs to build a baseball field and shoeless Joe Jackson will come. He suddenly sees what the voice was telling him, what he needed to do.

Do you ever here these kind of voices? Maybe not with that specific assignments, but with something you need to do. Maybe you don’t even here a voice, but you have a certain feeling. Do you ever listen to that feeling? And if you do, was the feeling right? It probably was.

That is instinct. And instinct is somehow right, most of the times. When you make a multiple choice test, you should always pick the answer which you feel it is the most likely. And if you check your test afterwards, and you see something you want to revise, you always correct it wrong! Instinct is a strange thing.

Call it instinct, call it ‘the cornfield’, try to listen to it more often, it might be telling something and it might be telling you something useful! I want to learn a lot more about this subject, if you have recommendations for me (and the rest of the readers), please share it in the comments!

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