When you read about brains sometimes, you probably heard this sentence a couple of times. It is about use your brain-networks or lose them, I will cover that, but I will cover even more.

Your brain
Your brain is made out of neurons and some cells that help neurons to live. Neurons contain a body, an axon and a lot of dendrites. Those axons are connected to the dendrites and voilá there is your brain. Way more complicated of course, but this is the simple picture. When you have a thought, smell something or whatever, the neurons start to ‘fire’. And electric impulse shoots from one neuron to another. When two axons fire together, they wire (called: ‘Fire together, wire together’). This is how memory is formed. You remember things because axons have fire together and wired together. If you use these combinations of axons, they become stronger, when you don’t use them, they become weaker and eventually break. So, you have to use these combinations, you have to practice another language when you’ve learned it, or you will lose it. And that, is the core principle of use it or lose it. The stronger the bindings are, the longer it will take to break them down. Practice something a lot and the bindings won’t break down for a long, long time.

But your brain is not the only one who has this system. With friends, if you don’t ‘use’ them, you will lose them eventually right? When you never call a friend, never tag on their wall on Facebook, you will lose them. But here also, when you’ve been best friends for a long time, the binding isn’t easy to break.

Your network
You’ve build up a network, but when you don’t contact someone in your network every once in a while, you will lose him/her. You can’t just knock on someone’s door when you need them, you should have a good connection first, don’t lose that connection.

Your food
When you don’t eat that apple, it will start to rot. You will lose your food to bacteria if you don’t use your food!

Your stuff
And the last one, if you don’t use your stuff, you will lose it. You will forget where you’ve put it and it will be gone. Unless you have a good system to store stuff you won’t use for a while.

So, if you don’t wanna lose what you’ve learned, your friendship, network, food or stuff: use it. Take these tips in use (or lose them) and start conserving what you love.

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