In the last post (the case study about public transport) I mentioned iPod Studying. If you didn’t read the iPod Studying article, I will give you a little summary:

  1. Make a summary of what you need to learn.
  2. Record your own voice with summaries of what you have to learn.
  3. Play the recording whenever you have a spare minute, so you can go over the material you need to learn over and over again.

This will give you a thing to do in the couple of minutes you wait on the bus, when you are early for class or when you are cooking. But what I think is even better to kill those lonely minutes, are audio books. They don’t require the effort you need to put in recording everything and you still get smarter! You can download a lot of self-improvement audiobooks or audiobooks on whatever you are studying! And if you aren’t in college anymore, or you just don’t want to study, you can listen to fiction. My girlfriend loved listening the Twilight series and I think she isn’t the only one.

Audio Books at

Why are audiobooks so great?
I just make a claim here, audiobooks rock. There are a couple of reasons for this statement.

  1. You don’t need a big backpack. Probably the biggest advantage of audiobooks over hard cover books is that audiobooks don’t require big backpacks. You can just put them on your iPod and you are off to go! Just get your iPod out of your pocket, put those ears in, and listen.
  2. Cheaper than books. $7,99 for an audiobook is a price you will never pay for a brand new hard cover book! Knowledge is valuable, that is why books are that expensive, audiobooks don’t need to be produced, they are just a file, that means you are only paying for the content, you are only paying for what you want!
  3. It is easy! makes downloading audiobooks easy. What was for hard cover books, is for audiobooks. You can register easy and start downloading easy.

Not sure what you want to do yet? Download an audiobook for free! You can download any audiobook for 1 credit and you can check out if you like the concept of audiobooks. It’s free, why shouldn’t you try it? Try Audible Now and Get A Free Audiobook Download with a 14 Day Trial. Choose from over 60,000 Titles.

Need to kill a couple of minutes in the train, or in line at the mall? Listen an audiobook. Have fun listening!

Disclaimer: Yes, the links I gave you are affiliate links. And I want to be honest with you guys, if you sign up for a program I get a commission. This doesn’t mean I am in here for the money. I am genuine a fan of audiobooks, love it. So, yes, I am gonna get money when you sign up, hope it will encourage you to sign up instead of scare you!



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