My very dear readers of StudySuccessful! I’ve not handled this site as I should. To be honest, StudySuccessful, my baby, got to the background the last couple of months. Not because I was that busy with offline life or something (well, as well actually). I got busy with other things online, which I will share in a second.

But I am back to business. A recent guest post, The Best Music for Writing, Reading, and Studying went viral on StumbleUpon and now there is simply a big mass of readers coming to the site. (A really big mass, I almost fainted when I saw the number.) Now that is some motivation, right?

Let’s dive in what got me busy and what I have in store for you.

What Got Me Busy?

Basically it was both an online problem as it was an offline problem.

In real life the academic year started again, which is always a busy time. Starting going to lectures again, starting with a committee I am doing and some parties of course. Not a lot, but it got me busy. Besides the normal curricalar stuff I am going to do research in the psychiatric field. Research in sleep, which should bring up a ton of interesting articles, both about sleep and about doing research.

Online there is more I want to talk about. To be honest there have been two major things I have been working on. Both of these are money-generating adventures, while StudySuccessful is, in the first place, an information-sharing place, where I just want to write what interests me and what I think will interest you as well. I do earn money from this site, but not a ton. As I am going to start with my clerkships next year, where I don’t have any time for anything, I want to build up a residual income, therefore I started a couple of projects. Let’s get into them.

Revenue Sharing Site: Writing for Money

I started to write for a site called ‘InfoBarrel‘. At InfoBarrel the writers can write up articles and 75% of the time the website will show the ads of the writer and 25% of the time the ad of their own.

This site is becoming a bigger and bigger authority site on information. With over 30,000 writers and some critical admins there is being put a lot of (quality) content on that site. You can lift on the success of the site because when others are doing good, you will do better as well.

One of the most amazing things of this website is when your content is on there it will stay on forever. And even better, your ads will stay on this content as well forever! So if I write an article right now, people can still find that particular article in 3 years from now and I can generate income from it.

The thing is writing a lot for the website. If you have a lot of content you are more likely to generate traffic and therefore revenue. So I am writing a lot for this website. I have some amazing goals for October which I am, if I continue like this, am going to reach.

InfoBarrel is an amazing platform and I will talk about it a little more in the upcoming future! Check it out yourself right now, I can highly recommend the nice forums and the easy way to start writing! (If you click on this link I will earn a commission on whatever you earn (2%), of course this is paid by the admins, not by your income!)

Niche Site: Legendary Barney Stinson

You guys know I am a fan of How I Met Your Mother and in particular of Barney Stinson, one of the five main characters.

As ‘Five Things We Can Learn From the AWESOME Barney Stinson‘ continued to be one of my top posts (in traffic) on this website I decided to create a niche site out of it, called ‘Legendary Barney Stinson’. A Niche site is a website which is focused towards a niche or only one topic. StudySuccessful could fall under the ‘college’ niche, but I don’t write specific enough to think myself of a college blogger alone. is a niche site. The articles only focus around our Legendary bro and nothing more. My aim with this site is to provide content about Barney Stinson with, where necessary, links to Amazon. I have a post about Barney Stinson’s Halloween Costumes for instance where I link to Amazon where you can buy the complete outfits. There are articles as well about Barney Stinson’s Bro Code and Barney Stinson’s Playbook.

Recently I started a newsletter at this site, which enable me to cater the readers even better with even more targeted articles.

One of the cool things is: I have an amazing PDF file for your in store when you sign up. 214 Quotes from the Legendary Barney Stinson! And there are more good things coming your way when you are signed up to that newsletter! (How many awesome high fives do you want? ;))

What Do I Have in Store Now?

So that is cool. Did I sell out? I don’t think so, I just had to focus a little more on revenue generating opportunities, most of all because I am starting my clerkships next year and also because a little extra money never hurts.

For now I have a couple of things in store. As said, I am doing research in the field of sleep, so I gained knowledge about that subject. You can expect an article about sleep soon, with real references.

Besides that I have a podcast scheduled for tomorrow! A podcast with a Dutch buddy of mine solely about Dropbox! Two nerds talking online storage for 45 minutes.

Thirdly I am going to talk a little bit more about InfoBarrel soon, revenu sharing sites are really interesting for college students and a great way to earn some passive income!

That is it for now. I know Darren Rowse from ProBlogger says you should never excuse yourself for not being as up to date as you should be, but I feel good I told all of this. I think being honest can make the SSF community even more awesome!



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