As you are a reader of this blog, I hope you are an experimenter, as I am. In that case, doing experiments with yourself (whether it is mentally or physically) seems crazy most of the times. Getting up at 6 am to do something before the day seems logical to our experimenters (we want to test things out, how can we handle things), but seems stupid to a lot of other people. Do people understand you? Do people understand why you are doing certain things? And then an even more important question: does it matter what they think?

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On experiments

People who are in Personal Development and Lifehacking often need to experiment. From this point on I will talk in the ‘we’-form, assuming you are an experimenter as well. We want to improve ourself, we want to make the most out of our life and we want to live a successful college life. This can only be done by experimenting, evaluating our steps and improving ourselves. And experiments are weird. For instance, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the supermarket on flipflops, while it freezes over here. (More on this Thursday) Seeing someone walking on flipflops in the snow is weird of course. I can only confirm it.

So experiments are weird, this results in a really important point: We need to understand why we do an experiment fully to stand behind it. If you are doing an experiment, know why you are doing this experiment. Are you experimenting in powernapping? Know how it can influence your life and know why you are doing this experiment. You want to get behind every experiment you are doing, so please understand why you are doing something.

As experiments are weird, you will also recieve a lot of questions, strange looks and comments. ‘Why would you do something like this?’, ‘Are you insane?’ and ‘You have a lose wire somewhere’ are all sentences I’ve heard before. Others don’t understand the power of experimentation and probably will never.

Does that mean we need to give up explaining?

No! Not at all. I always try to explain myself and make other people understand why I am doing things that aren’t that logical at all. I have a perfect explanation for my flipflop tour around my streets, which you will hear Thursday, and when people hear it they will still think I am weird, but at least they understand. Taking ice-showers is weird? Of course. I am training myself for the New Years’ dive and I want to put myself out of my comfort zone. Besides this, I would like to train my veins in closing off certain areas of my body which aren’t necessary all the time. In this way I train where my energy is going to in my body, which improves my efficiency in my body. (More on this watch this video of The Iceman) Strange? Probably. Understandable? Yes! So don’t give up explaining, keep doing it, improve your explanation every time you get a question.

If people still don’t understand, or still think you are a freak, don’t bother.

On the importance of other people their opinions in your experiments

When I was first writing this post, I wanted to give you the standard bullshit: ‘Don’t care about other people their opinion, it is your life, blabla.’ But this isn’t true at all. When you take something personal from an opinion, it is important in your experiments. If your girlfriend/boyfriend keeps saying how stupid you are for your experiments, this is something you should worry about.

In this case, I am lucky. I suppose my girlfriend thinks I am weird, but she always approves of my experiments. Does she always understand? No idea. But she supports the experiments.

If your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t, talk about it. The opinion of people close to you are important, I can’t deny this. Talk about it, but don’t make a really big deal out of it. If you aren’t doing something outside the law, there is nothing anybody can do about it. So talk to your close ones, explain them again why you are doing experiments and ask for their support.

Besides your loved ones, stop caring. Just stop. What people besides your close friends think is not important. They shouldn’t care about your business, you should do whatever you want. Scott Young has written a great article on needing encouragement a couple of weeks ago, get some support out of this. You are doing this for yourself and for nobody else.

Take home message and request

  • Experiments look stupid to the outside world – know the importance of your experiment for yourself in order to stand behind it fully.
  • People will think you are weird – try your very best in explaining why you are doing these things. Explain them, it may make them enthusiast as well!
  • It is important what other people think – at least your close ones, don’t care about the others.

A request to you

I am writing up a post explaining why I am doing experiments, so I can direct people to that post when they are questioning my actions. What would you write in such a post? Share your ideas in the comments or send them to: author[at]studysuccessful[dot]com, thanks in advance!

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