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As you already know, I love Friends and How I Met Your Mother. I also explained why you should watch shows to learn another language, and that is what I do. I don’t use any subtitles and my vocabular expanded a lot since I’ve watched all Friends seasons twice. Awesome. And all of this I do online, or I will make sure I have the show on my laptop, so I don’t have to watch it on the television (read the post with 6 reasons to throw your tv out?).

Anyway, here are 6 great shows to watch!

  • Friends. Obvious, I love this show! Watched all seasons (Everybody should have ‘Friends: The Complete Series Collection
    ‘) twice and seen a lot of the episodes multiple times. Doesn’t matter, it keeps being fun! Why for college students? Cause it is really easy to digest, but a lot of fun. Besides that, it contains a lot of problems we are going to face later in life. Did I mention we can learn a lot from Joey Tribbiani?
  • How I Met Your Mother. Awe-some. This show doesn’t need any explanation, it is just wonderful. Have a laugh at Barney, learn about relationships from Marshall and Lily and learn about never-giving-up from Ted Mosby! And we can also learn a little from the awesome Barney Stinson!
  • The Big Bang Theory. Interesting show for college students? Definitly. Not only a lot of amusement, but also just a little to learn. These guys use fancy words all the time and explain interesting theories. A lot to learn and a lot to laugh about!
  • Diggnation. Diggnation covers the hottest stories on the social site This show is only on the internet and it is great because Alex and Kevin talk about the latest developments in the world of gadgets and internet. Interesting show, interesting people and interesting stories.
  • Mad Men. A show about the advertising business in the early ’60’s. For college students? Definitly. It learns us about marketing (which is always interesting) and about the etiquette from the early days. Manliness, not-so-much-manliness and a lot of interesting thoughts.
  • HackCollege. Kelly and Chris don’t post that many shows anymore, but when they do, make sure to check it out, always fun!

Which show did I forgot? Which show do you love the most! Please share it in the comments!

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