When are you the most productive on a task? The first ten minutes or after ten minutes. I am (and with me many) are productive after around 15 minutes. You get in a certain flow, you are focussing really hard and nothing can distract you anymore. People can start shooting next to your head and you won’t hear it. This would I just call ‘the flow’, you get in the flow with a task. So when you are studying for a test, after fifteen minutes you are suddenly deeply focussed and really productive. But that is after fifteen minutes! Pretty long right? Couldn’t you speed up that process a little bit?

Requirements for the flow
Getting in the flow requires some environmental factors.

  • Enough ideas. If you are writing a paper, you need to be able to keep writing. So if you have to find another subject to write about again and again, you won’t get in the flow. You are constantly interrupted by the need of inspiration. The same accounts for studying, you need to know what you are going to study today. Having all the books you need in this session of studying in front of you is also a necessity. You should be able to keep going on and on!
  • No distractions. Obvious, but necessary. If you have distractions all the time, you will never get in the flow. So get distraction free. Shut down everything, make sure you can’t be called or talked to. Have some sort of sign with ‘Do Not Disturb’ so people won’t distract you.
  • The right state of mind. Being motivated is probably the most important factor here. If you are not motivated, you will still get distracted by anything you hear, smell or see. If you are motivated, you want to get in the flow, so you will get in the flow faster!

You can probably speed up the process to get in the flow, but it takes some practice. You need to practice with getting in the flow to find your triggers. Having problems with getting in the flow or have any tips? Please contact me, I’m really interested in this subject and I want to talk to you about it!

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