Bad teacher?I had some classes in my schoolcarreer with a really bad teacher. You know what I mean, the teacher doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about, doesn’t understand your questions and can’t cover the material. It’s the class where you can just talk about your weekend, draw doodles and practise origami. This classes seem useless, a waste of time and you get desperate you will fail that class.

Why you need to transform this class

You deserve better.¬†You are probably paying (or your parents are) for college, this means you are paying for quality education. You do want to have that right? You do want to get your diploma right? You do want to get successful right? How is that possible with a bad teacher? You can take up loads of homework, self-learning and study groups, but that will cost way more time and effort. These tips, doesn’t cost you that effort and really not much time.

How to transform a useless class, with a bad teacher, into a usefull class.

  • Ask the teacher prepared questions. The teacher never gets your question, explain something what your question wasn’t about or just don’t know it! Maybe it isn’t all about the teacher, maybe you don’t ask the question correct enough. You should prepare the question, know that the teacher will give the answer to the question if he hears this question. Prepare the question at home, write them done and ask them!
  • Fix a ‘Presentation Period‘ with your teacher. Alright, your teacher isn’t capable to explain the subject, your class might be. Propose the prestation period, where your classmates explain the topics!
  • Ask for another teacher. Of course, this is a last resort, but you won’t get stuck with this teacher the rest of the year do you? Gather signatures from your classmates and step with one or two to the school board. Explains why that teacher isn’t capable and describe how it is in class. The board will understand and if it is possible, they may will get you another teacher!

Come on, you deserve a better. Well, let’s take control and transform those classes in a better class, a class in which you are developing to a Successful Student.

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