The TodoodlistYou have probably noticed the todoodlist ad in the corner before, it has been there for a long time. But I am finally going to tell you what the todoodlist is about! The Todoodlist is a book, written by Nick Cernis. The title page of the book itself says: ‘A simple book about falling in love with paper, simplifying your life, and following your dreams.’ Pretty sweet, gives yourself a good feeling already!

It contains

  • Part one. Nick wrote seven short essays which will make you think about the need to abandon complexity. It contains ‘Zen Kitten in a Box’ and ‘Einstein Shaving.’ In this part, you will understand why you need this book!
  • Part two you will get to know the five paper systems of productivity. These five replace the electronic stuff you have and they will simplify your life. These five are: the Todoodlist, the Sudoku Calender, the Tagbook, Glyphies (great shorthands) and the Banana Reminder.
  • Part three. You get a five-step system to identify and reduce complexity in your life. If you implement these steps, you get more hours in your day and less stress.
  • A wonderful book. Even if you are not about productivity, this book is great. It is written in a really easy way, with a lot of (sometime a little bit strange) jokes. Fun to read and maybe even wonderful to read. The lay-out helps here, it is just cute.

My opinion.

To be fair, no I didn’t implement everything Nick described. Or course not. But I did implement a couple of things. The Todoodlist works great, I think better than normal to do lists. I didn’t had that much stuff going on for a sudoku calendar, while I think it is a good system. I also read the book in the holidays, so there wasn’t going on that much anyway. It helps me now though, now school started again.

The techniques Nick described are focussed on business people. Although, I think we, college kids, can use these system also. You don’t need cool devices always to get productive. Actually, you can do a lot with paper only. Read the Todoodlist, buy a moleskine and get going!



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