Well, well, well. At the end of 2014 I was thinking about this little website, which I started in 2009 during the last year of High School. With a total of three published posts in 2014 it seemed that I simply did not know what to do with the website anymore. So, should I get rid of it? Or should I cherish what I’ve build (over 200 posts!) and continue, because I know I want to.

I chose the last option.

Where am I right now?

I don’t want to give any excuses or something why I haven’t written that much, but I want to make clear where I stand right now. I am in my sixth year right now. I have my ‘bachelors’ in Medicine (we don’t have the pre-med/Med program here in the Netherlands), I finished the first year and a half of my Masters (which is three years), which only consists of internships. Now last year I enrolled in a pretty cool track, the MD/PhD track which enables me to combine the last years of Med School with a PhD program.

So since may I am doing research full-time and will do so until August 2015. Then I will do another year of internships. I am doing my PhD at the Psychiatry department, where I look at relationships between the biological clock (your circadian rhythm) and mood disorders. My first two papers will be about Seasonal Affective Disorder and furthermore I am working on Bipolar Disorder, which has very clear sleep and rhythm symptoms. If you want to hit me up research wise, check out Researchgate.

Besides being in the hospital I spend time with roommates/friends. With some friends I am working on a student vegetable garden which we created with no external funds and we are creating the first Sustainability Student Society in our city. Something like a club for people who like to grow their own food, but without the crazy hippy-image.

And now I want to get back at working on StudySuccessful as well. How?

My plans for StudySuccessful

I’ve made some changes before. I started doing interviews, I wanted to write more in-depth articles and I wanted to stick to a 3 posts per week schedule. All too much, too big and too ‘daunting’ for my busy schedule. My plan right now is very simple: write. I want to write three types of articles:

  • Thoughts/Observations. As I am doing a PhD I have to plan my own time, I have to be crazy productive and I see and learn a lot from my colleagues. I want to transfer those thoughts into articles. These articles will be personal and will be written like I would write an e-mail to a high-school friend.
  • Core principles. As I’ve done a fair share of workshops here in the Netherlands on working smarter, instead of harder I will write up some of these principles which I’ve thought. These principles are not per se new, but they are good to write about, so I can redirect people to those articles. Think articles about Pomodoro Technique, Weekly/Daily Goals and the Eissenhower Matrix.
  • Book notes. I do my fair share of reading on a Kindle and I highlight and make notes during the reading. I will publish these notes here with a little review on the book. These books are in every category and both fiction and non-fiction. I want to share them all, most of all because it gives me a database of the books I read and that’s awesome.

That’s it. Three types of articles and posts will probably be somewhere in between every once in a while. Like I am working right now with a ‘Bullet Journal.’ This could be seen as a Core Principle, but as I am still testing it, it is a thought/observation as well. We’ll see how it works out, I’m looking forward to putting some effort in again.

Right now I am still figuring out some design things, but that doesn’t prevent me from beginning to write.

So, enough about me, how you’ve been?



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