Which way to choose?I’m heading finals now, and that will be the end of my high school carreer.

I learned a lot in these 6 years, I learned two different ways of studying by observing my fellow students. These two ways are really different, but they show some resemblence.

The two ways

  • Studying, because you have to. A way which most of the students study in high school. Forced by their parents, teachers or anyone else. These kids show up at every class, but are not really paying attention. They will study before the test, but they won’t score high grades. They study, because they have to, not because they want to. Which brings me to the second way.
  • Studying, because you want┬áto. These students have a strange interest in every material and want to learn a lot and perhaps become successful. They don’t show up at every class, because they don’t find every class usefull. These students learn a lot, and get fantastic grades most of the time.

The difference

The biggest difference is, of course, the attitude. Are you in class because you want to or because you have to? That will make a great difference for the usefullness of the class. Most of the times you can seperate these two groups by observing them. The ones who ask many questions: because they want to. The ones who get many warnings: because they have to.

The resemblence

But these two resemble also in some ways. Both of them, tend to study a lot in a row. The because I have to, do that so they can say: ‘I studied all afternoon! Ain’t I great?’ The because I want to, are just too interested in things, and they keep learning and keep studying. It sounds great, but in both types there is a kind of danger. Studying a long time in a row ain’t productive. Which means for the because I have to group a lot of wasted time, and for the because I want to group also a waste of time in which you can do a lot of other great things.


My first years in high school I was a ‘because I have to’-student. The last years, I was a ‘because I want to’ definitly. In which of both groups are you putting yourself? Maybe a little bit of both? Let me know!



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