I want to make the difference clear between good studying and bad studying and I want to do that by a little metaphor.

The two types of swimmers

I’m swimming in competitions and I like to observe fellow swimmers. And I have notice some difference between swimmers.

The one who rushes to the other side of the pool, and rushes back.

This one doesn’t use any technique, just power. SWIM SWIM SWIM and he is on the other side. He joins the swimming club and starts to train 8+ hours a week. Doing some weightlifting besides it and becomes the muscle man! Mostly guys who sound really motivated and who want to reach the top. Sadly, he never gets there. Because he wants it so bad, he over trains himself. Always tired and starting to get injuries. Too bad, he has to quit swimming because of his bad shoulder.

The one who rushes to the other side and then stops to think. Then he swims slowly back.

This one rushes to the other side, think of what he did wrong, and start to change it by swimming REALLY slowly. This is someone who joins the swimming club and starts to train 3 hours a week, slowly building some muscle and enjoys the hours he make. He is motivated, but in a way he doesn’t want to over train himself. After 5 years, his technique is perfected and he joins the national championships.

Michael Phelps

What has this to do with students?

Everything. These two type of swimmers are resembling two types of students.

The first type

This students wants his diploma really bad and starts to learn a lot! Really a lot, skips nights of sleeping and STUDY STUDY STUDY. But he can’t keep up with this lifestyle. Gets tired during college, falling asleep at important classes and he doesn’t like his classes anymore, they are boring. He quits with his study and will start another study on which he is going to rush.

The second type.

This student wants his diploma also really bad and starts to learn. Couple of hours a day, no more. He keeps fit and can attend class and gets good notes in class. The subjects stay interesting for this guy because they always have new points or views, it’s great. This student will spend a long time in college, but he finishes with his diploma in his pocket, ready for the working life!


Hard working doesn’t equal good working, see these two students/swimmers. Tell me, which one are you? To be honest, I tend to be the first one. But I know that, and I have to limit myself sometimes.



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