Presentation PeriodFrom who do we learn more? Our fellow students or our teachers? Our teachers you would say, they are the expert. I’m not sure about it, if a fellow student deeps out the material and gives a presentation about it, you can learn a lot from them. This leads to the following subject, a serie of presentations from students instead of your teacher, a presentation period.

What is the ‘Presentation Period’

It is a period in which not your boring, mustache wearing teacher is teaching you, but your sparkling fellow students (and you!) is teaching you about a subject. In the period there is one big topic, and your classmates will cover every subject about it and have a presentation about that topic.

Your class will be divided in several groups and these groups prepare a presentation about a subject. This means deep out the material, know more than you should know and make it explainable to the class.

Why a Presentation Period works

  • They will have your attention. You don’t listen to your teacher all the time, but if you don’t listen to your classmates, friends they will get really angry. So you will be polite and listen. Which means more knowledge!
  • You will deep out a subject. You will get an expert on one subject, which actually feels great to know everything about it. And with upcoming tests, you don’t have to learn that subject anymore!
  • About all the subjects there is an expert. In your class, there is at least one expert know on a subject. So if you are close to a test, but doesn’t get it completly, ask the guy who had his presentation about that subject! He/she will be wanting to tell about it and will be capable to tell about it.

Why a Presentation Period doesn’t work

  • Students don’t know that much. Most stuff will come from wikipedia, and that can be wrong. Or the girl/guy will get it wrong and explains it wrong. Most of the times they don’t know the answer on questions and the teacher has to interfere.
  • Students aren’t always there. Which means a ‘Sorry kids, no presentation today, Casy is sick.’ Which means a mess in the schedule most of the times.
  • Students can be boring too. Maybe not on a saturday evening, but at least in class. When they start to talk in their monotonous voice you can get fall asleep as easy as with a teacher, and this time your fellow students will be mad too! Oops!

The Presentation Period can be a good alternation to your regular teacher, but it doesn’t have to be that fantastic. Ask your teacher to do it once, and see how it works out. Oh and wait, ask for it discrete, your fellow students won’t like it when they have to do presentations!



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