Happy New Year!

I have been thinking if I wanted to post this or not. Because I am not sure if I can complete these resolutions. But hey, if I don’t complete them, no hard feelings, I’ve at least tried!

Here are the New Year resolutions for StudySuccessful.com:

  • Start a good email newsletter. I want to start a newsletter and I want to make it a good one. I will send the newsletter every two weeks or so and it should cover a little bit more than the regular stuff at StudySuccessful. Besides more information, I want to send the subscribers an e-book every once in a while and suggest more products to them. More on this later!
  • Reach 500+ RSS subscribers. I’ve never shared this number before to you guys, but StudySuccessful has 200 subscribers right now. Consider this blog started in may, so it is a pretty nice number! I hope to grow this number to more than 500 subscribers.
  • Keep posting quality articles. I must say, I am not always as satisfied as I want to be with what I post. That changed the last couple of months, I proof-read more, adjust more and delete more. I hope I can post quality articles to you.
  • More activity on social media. Something I have been letting down the last couple of months. I want to socialize more with my readers, with other college bloggers. Be more transparent and be more open to your suggestions. Don’t hesitate to contact me on Stumbleupon and Twitter.

My personal resolutions:

  • Implement Zen To Done. More on this Monday.
  • Find balance between everything I do. I need to find more balance between my college life, blog and everything else. I hope I can find this in 2010.
  • Keep on enjoying life. Something I do already but what I want to continue.

Let me know your resolutions, together we can complete them!



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