Having a powernap in a public place? Alright, what do you do with your alarm? Do you just put it out very fast, or do you put your phone on vibrate only? Here is a better idea when you want to powernap in public places like a train or a bus. The key-method.

How to powernap following the key-method

  1. Get your keys out of your pocket and hold them. Hold them in your hands above the ground, which will make noise when your keys fall on the ground.
  2. Go and nap. Go sit comfortable and start napping. Keep holding your keys above the ground in your hands.
  3. Wake up from falling keys. ‘What happened?’ will you think when you wake up. Your keys just fell and you are woke up.

Why this works
When the keys fall out of your hands, you will suddenly wake up, this gives an adrenaline boost so you are awake immediatly. Besides the adrenaline effect, the key-method has another big advantage. When your keys fall out of your hands, you are exactly at the point where you change the phase of your sleep. When you enter this phase, it becomes harder to wake up and it will affect your night sleep. So the time you sleep before your keys fall out of your hands are perfect, it is the perfect amount of sleep to powernap!

Good luck, put this method to the test and keep me informed on how it worked out for you!

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