Going away to college can be the time of your life. You have the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and make lasting memories. Unfortunately, the lifestyle of a student can be an unhealthy one. Students often stay up late studying, do not take the time to exercise, and do not maintain a healthy diet. All of these things are completely normal, but if you maintain an unhealthy lifestyle for too long, it can have long-lasting, negative effects on both your performance and health. To prevent your college life from being an unhealthy life, do your best to incorporate these 3 healthy lifestyle choices into your daily routine.


There is no excuse not to exercise while you are at school. Most universities include access to the fitness center as part of your student activities fee. These well-equipped gyms are open to all students, and many are open late into the night to allow students with busy schedules the opportunity to exercise. You should at the very least exercise for one hour three times a week. Whether you prefer lifting weights, jogging or swimming laps in the pool does not matter. All that matters is that you do something.


College students often find it difficult to make healthy food choices. With going to class, studying, and working, the easy choice is to grab a slice of pizza, a hamburger, or basket of hot wings. College students love fast food because it is fast and it tastes great. There is nothing wrong with the occasional greasy hamburger, but if your entire diet comprises fast food, you will quickly notice some of the more obvious negative effects of this diet such as weight gain.

To avoid packing on the freshman 15, ensure that your diet consists of more than just greasy fast food. Make sure to include plenty of vegetables with every meal. A green salad or a piece of fruit is an excellent alternative to a large order of fries.


A college student’s life can be very stressful at times. Students are under tremendous pressure, especially around finals. Stress is proven to have a negative effect on overall health, and students need to find healthy and constructive ways to relieve stress. Participating in intramural sports, going to the movies with friends, or even an afternoon spent reading a good book are all excellent options. For a special treat, you can even run to the local massage school for a nice hour-long massage.

These 3 areas are just areas of particular concern to college students. There are many more. The important thing to remember as you go off to school is to do your best to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.



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