I’ve been posting twice now about what to do after the exams (here is a post full of links) but I also have some goals this summer.

I got the news thursday (which I haven’t told you yet!) that I graduated from High School and that I’m going to study medicine next year! It’s absolutely certain now! I’m joning medschool next year, yippii!

The Goals

Here are my goals.

  • Get a good system. If I want to achieve success at the University next year, I need to have some sort of system which works for me. Some sort of to-do list system, calendar and more. For this goal, I need YOU! Give me ideas of which systems works for you and why.
  • Get cleaned up. I will move to a student house next year, but I will keep coming back to my parents in the weekend, so I want my entire room and desk cleaned up! Closet all sorted out, get rid of all the junk.
  • Put StudySuccessful to another level. Another level sounds big, but I just want to improve the site. Come with better articles, more interesting, attract more readers, those things! I think my writing style is already a lot better if you look at what I wrote half a year ago!
  • Write an e-book. I can’t keep this in front of me, I want to write some sort of e-book, as an experiment. A little, not more than 30 pages e-book on a subject study related. It will be free to download.
  • Have a fantastic summer. I can scratch this one of my list already, cause my summer is great already. Had a fantastic time in Rome with friends and I had some great graduated-party’s already!

I will keep you informed once in a while about my summer goals, how far I am on those goals. I think the most of you will be students, what are your goals for the summer of 2009? Share it in the comments!

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