In my life I talk with a lot of people, lot of friends of course, but I also meet a lot of new people. Most of these people have an interesting story to tell. A couple of those interesting stories are about how to live a successful college life. Their story resonates with the message I try to communicate on this website: You can get a lot out of college life.

Listening to these stories I was looking for a way to share these with you. I’ve tried doing something with a podcast, which was too hard to maintain. I tried something with video as well on a Flip Camera. That camera broke. Of course I’ve been working on writing these stories down and although I think the written word can be very strong, I think a story needs a voice of it’s own. I needed an interview.

With that idea, and a roommate who knows a thing or two about film, the StudySuccessful Interviews were born! Today I would like to share the first episode with you. The idea is just two people talking over a couple of beers about getting the most out of your college/twentysomething life. Nothing fancy, just an interesting conversation with interesting people. Every episode I will invite another guest and we will talk for 20-30 minutes about their story.

StudySuccessful Interviews Episode 2 – Douwe Hooijenga

This time I invited Douwe Hooijenga. I met him at the Groningen Talent Group, where we meet regularly with a group of young people from Groningen. We’ve been working on some cool stuff together, had a lot of conversations of all kinds of topics. It was time to do an interview.

Douwe is an established character in Groningen. He runs his own company, just finished his last classes and is in the city council of a town in the north of the Netherlands. How? Because Douwe simply knows how to network. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this interview.

Douwe explains what networking is (and what it isn’t). He talks about how he got into networking, shows some real life examples and gives a lot of good tips about how to network. And apparently he is a great quote machine as well, I got a ton of quotes from him.

Check it out.

By the way, we made a little intro at the beginning. That ukulele player is me. Don’t check out the outro. That ukulele player is me as well..

Items mentioned in this show

I love how Douwe just shares everything he knows, in English. Good to know: we are both Dutch and English is our second language, we try our best, hope you enjoy.

What are your tips regarding networking? Share it in the comments!



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