After two years I had enough of the Thesis Theme I was using. In some sort of way this theme looks old fashioned, cranky and just too full of everything. Time for a new design. This means also time for a new way – more minimalistic. A bigger focus on the content, rather than everything else. You will see more changes in the upcoming weeks probably, I am just experimenting a little bit.

The new theme is called ‘BigFeature‘ and comes from the awesome guys at ThemeForest. A great selection of premium themes, which will help you in creating a beatiful website. I need to figure out some things still, but we will get there.

New Design – Also a new way for StudySuccessful

But design is just design. Sure it is important, but as said – I am going to focus on the content more.

In the past year I haven’t been writing much myself. Most of the articles on the front page now are guest posts. Today, during my summer holiday (in which I still have to work as I am going to do some cool research project upcoming year) I started to think a little bit about this.

I have had all kinds of ideas for StudySuccessful. Doing more videos was one, starting a podcast was another. Another idea was to write more ‘in-depth’ guides and really good content. Probably something I picked up from Glen Allsopp at Viperchill.

All these ideas didn’t help me at all. Shooting a video, making a podcast and writing in-depth advice content just isn’t for me. Let’s be plain honest: writing these articles is just too much of a treshold for me to actually do what I want to do on this site: help you become better students.


When I look at my articles on this site there are a lot of bullshit (pardon my French) ‘five tips to get better grades’ and ‘why sleep is important’. Yes these articles are important and are great content (I wouldn’t publish them otherwise). But too big of a percentage with those type of articles and it isn’t a real blog anymore. I will keep writing these type of articles, but I will mix them with a more personal touch more.

I read an article lately on giving advice. Advice is always biased, with your own vision and your own experiences. Giving advice means you are assuming something about your reader. Hell, I don’t even know who you guys are. (Please, I wanna find out, say Hi on Facebook, would love to talk to ya).

Past months and upcoming months

So I didn’t publish much, have I been doing nothing? Of course not! The past half a year was one of the most exciting for me, especially on the academical side. I am almost finished with my Bachelor of Science in Medicine and the upcoming months I am goign to do an awesome research at the Chronobiology department of my University.

And that is exactly the point. I have so much to share, my friends are laughing at me when I tell I have an idea. But I couldn’t set myself to writing for StudySuccessful. This new design motivates me again. And I am not focussing anymore on 1000+ word posts, as that didn’t work at all.

What can you expect now? More frequent post. Way more personal. I am going to speak to you, I am not going to share that much advice anymore. I am going to tell stories. In the upcoing posts you will find some cool Mac tricks which make my research easier for instance and you will find out why I find it important to start preparing for a Zombie Apocolypse. There will be more I in the article, you will learn more about my life.

In return I would love more personal feedback. I want to connect with you guys again, I want to create more of a community, which I know is possible. Hit me up on the SSF Facebook Page, we’re gonna have some fun there :)

This will become awesome. For now, I’m off. Please share what you think of the new design, what you think of my plan to share more frequent, shorter and more personal articles. Let’s start rocking! To our success!




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