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I couldn’t prevent to overhear a conversation of two guys in the train today. They were talking about side jobs for students and said something about the perfect side job. It was a job were a guy didn’t do anything. Just sit there, hang out a little bit. Is that really a nice side job? What do you wanna do when you are making money?

What makes a good student side job?
This view is my view. How I see it and I am really curious about what you think.

  • Interesting. A nice side job should be interesting, you need to get up every day and be interested in what you do.
  • You can learn from it. Of course, I am some sort of wanting-to-be life-long-learner. So everything what I do needs to help me with that goal. A job? You are working like twelve hours a week, make it useful, make it something you can learn from!
  • Well paid. Obvious, you are spending a fair amount of your student life to that job, make it worth it! Get paid well, make it worth your time.

Your opinion
What is your view on this? What kind of side jobs do you have? Share your thoughts in this little poll I have over here. I’m curious what you think about it, what we can learn from your experience.

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