Working with people is one thing, but working to help them can be something exciting and fun on a level you never expected. The healthcare industry is booming, with a projected overall growth to exceed 3 million new jobs in the industry by 2020, according to the latest figures by the Bureau of Labor; going back to school to earn a degree or certificate to help others achieve medical and personal breakthroughs will make you more viable in this ever-increasing job market.

Let’s face it, people will inevitably get sick, and accidents happen. The healthcare industry is not going away anytime soon, as patients will always need care from medical support staff, nurses, doctors, and technicians. It is these professionals who help make the world a better place, a happy place. Not only do they help the ill and critically wounded, they too, help themselves by offering a helping hand. It’s the altruistic nature that gets these individuals the adrenaline rush they need to move throughout the work day.

If you love helping people, you may consider a degree in physical therapy. Physical therapists work with folks who’ve been injured in car accidents, have muscle and/or bone disorders, or who are otherwise needing assistance in learning to get around again. According to job statistics, this field is expected for 39% growth by the year 2020. The median national salary is around $80,000. Not only could you work with people to get them walking on their own again, but you would be setting with a healthy bank account.

Mental health counselors also work with people. There’s a wide range of mental illnesses and similar ailments that can be aided, but not altogether cured, with medications. Sometimes patients just need someone to talk to, someone to listen to their problems and help them work through them. A master’s degree is required to become a counselor of this nature. With a median salary of just over $40,000, and a projected 36% increase in the next seven years, this career is certainly in demand.

It’s important to note, advanced degrees are not necessary to garner jobs that involve helping others. There are many programs for students on career paths to be well-situated in the healthcare industry upon graduation. Community colleges and even online universities offer certificates and degrees that offer a wide array of lessons to be your stepping stones to a rewarding career in the medical field.

Sanford Brown College is a nationally recognized institution that offers courses in related fields, such as nursing, dental assistant, and radiology. Classes are more affordable than many four-year institutions, and in many cases, you can earn your degree in a lot less time. The end result is having a stellar education on your resume faster, with a minimal dent to your pocketbook. Recent grads from Sanford Brown move on to work for hospitals, independent physician offices, and have the tools necessary to move onto bigger things.

Nursing is the backbone to any hospital or other healthcare organization. Even with an associate’s degree in nursing, fundamental knowledge has been earned and the student can then decide to seek employment in the industry or transfer credits to another institution to pursue the next level of education. If you’re looking to help others via the healthcare industry, an education in nursing can certainly provide you with an edge in the market.

Many institutions of higher learning offer degrees and certificates to train you to get a foothold in the healthcare industry. People who are compassionate by nature are desperately needed to fill the medical roles. Everyone from nurse’s assistants to radiological technicians and physical therapists to hospice workers has filled their positions with a kind heart and a desire to learn more about their specific fields. The education can be cost effective; you just need to know where to look.




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