Personal Experimenting: Stop complaining

August 24, 2010  |  Observations, Personal Development, Video

Last week I came home and there was a box for me with 10 purple bracelets in it. That was the day I started a challenge.

Becoming complaint-free!

Those bracelets are from, an organization which tries to get rid of all the complaining in the world. The idea is you wear a bracelet and everytime you complain you switch the wrist you are wearing the bracelet on. You do this until you are free of complaining 21 days in a row!

Why 21 days?

21 days is the amount of days needed to change a habit. That is why. 21 days sounds easy, but this means 21 days without complaining. It takes usually between 4-10 months to be 21 days complaint free! So this will be a nice challenge.

I consider myself as a fairly positive person, which means that I hope to be complaint-free within 7 months. That is my personal goal.

What is a complaint?

I want to define the word complaint perfectly before I start this challenge. Luckily, Tim Ferriss already did. He says: ‘A complaint is: “Describing an event or person negatively without indicating next steps to fix the problem.” Of course, the last couple of words normally aren’t in the definition of a complaint, but now it is.

Because I don’t try to stop complaining over here. I try to change my mindset. I want to stop thinking in impossibilities and start thinking in solutions and in possibilities. That is why I want to get rid of complaints. That is why I am wearing this bracelet.

So an example: “Alex is always late, what a douchebag.” This would be a complaint, which means switching wrists. But “Alex is always late, I’m going to ask him if he could be on time more” wouldn’t be a complaint and the bracelet can remain on the same wrist.

I am now (when writing this) a week in and the bracelet hasn’t been on one arm for more than a day. Yes this is pretty hard. Doesn’t matter, a challenge isn’t a challenge without being hard. A nice experiment.

Get them yourself!

Are you interested in this experiment as well? Head over to and order a set of bracelets for yourself! 10$ for 10 bracelets, pretty nice right? This includes shipping and everything. Or even get the book: A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always WantedPersonal Experimenting: Stop complainingI am giving away one set of bracelets to another experimenteer! See the video below for more details.


As every real experiment, there need to be logging. I will do that at, a site dedicated to personal experimenting owned by my friend Ibrahim Husain, who is also the guy behind As you can see, the post I published over there is similar to this one, I will log everything over there. So if you want to follow me doing this challenge, please subscribe over there. You can also subscribe at YouTube, as I will do videos every once in a while about the challenge.

I am excited, check out the video below. Also in order to win these bracelets yourself!



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  1. Nice post! It is no coincidence I think; just last week me and my co-worker where complaining about lots of stuff and then she stopped and told me she heard about this project. And today I saw your message via Twitter and clicked on to this video. Very inspiring!
    First of all I would love to give one bracelet to me, I will take that challenge! I need to stop complaining and to stop negatively criticizing everything I do. Next I will give a bracelet to my co worker and hopes she will take the challenge with me.
    I have some friends and co-workers who I would love to give insight to the power of this bracelet, so I would love to win this entry!
    I will make sure to Twitter :D (and hope I now took the right steps to enter)
    Good luck on your challenge!

    • Haha! Thanks for the entry Sabine, at the end of this week I’ll pick out a winner!

      I hope it was inspiring, I’ll keep everybody up to date through! So if you wanna see how I do, please go there :) Thanks for your comment

  2. It is inspiring, we now already notice we are complaining again instead of writing workshops (which we are currently doing) and it takes up so much valuable time, and changes the mood drastically!
    I will keep my fingers crossed :D

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