Last week I came home and there was a box for me with 10 purple bracelets in it. That was the day I started a challenge.

Becoming complaint-free!

Those bracelets are from, an organization which tries to get rid of all the complaining in the world. The idea is you wear a bracelet and everytime you complain you switch the wrist you are wearing the bracelet on. You do this until you are free of complaining 21 days in a row!

Why 21 days?

21 days is the amount of days needed to change a habit. That is why. 21 days sounds easy, but this means 21 days without complaining. It takes usually between 4-10 months to be 21 days complaint free! So this will be a nice challenge.

I consider myself as a fairly positive person, which means that I hope to be complaint-free within 7 months. That is my personal goal.

What is a complaint?

I want to define the word complaint perfectly before I start this challenge. Luckily, Tim Ferriss already did. He says: ‘A complaint is: “Describing an event or person negatively without indicating next steps to fix the problem.” Of course, the last couple of words normally aren’t in the definition of a complaint, but now it is.

Because I don’t try to stop complaining over here. I try to change my mindset. I want to stop thinking in impossibilities and start thinking in solutions and in possibilities. That is why I want to get rid of complaints. That is why I am wearing this bracelet.

So an example: “Alex is always late, what a douchebag.” This would be a complaint, which means switching wrists. But “Alex is always late, I’m going to ask him if he could be on time more” wouldn’t be a complaint and the bracelet can remain on the same wrist.

I am now (when writing this) a week in and the bracelet hasn’t been on one arm for more than a day. Yes this is pretty hard. Doesn’t matter, a challenge isn’t a challenge without being hard. A nice experiment.

Get them yourself!

Are you interested in this experiment as well? Head over to and order a set of bracelets for yourself! 10$ for 10 bracelets, pretty nice right? This includes shipping and everything. Or even get the book: A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always WantedPersonal Experimenting: Stop complainingI am giving away one set of bracelets to another experimenteer! See the video below for more details.


As every real experiment, there need to be logging. I will do that at, a site dedicated to personal experimenting owned by my friend Ibrahim Husain, who is also the guy behind As you can see, the post I published over there is similar to this one, I will log everything over there. So if you want to follow me doing this challenge, please subscribe over there. You can also subscribe at YouTube, as I will do videos every once in a while about the challenge.

I am excited, check out the video below. Also in order to win these bracelets yourself!



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