Time to get personal. I’ve bought a FlipVideo MinoHD and I am going to use it. I am going to shoot more videos and upload them to YouTube.

So, this is my face, this is my voice, let me know your face and voice, because I want to connect! Send out an email to me through the contact page or mention me on Twitter (I am @StefanSSF), let me get to know you!

Here is my very first (at least filmed with the Flip) YouTube video. Hope you like it. If so, make sure to subscribe to the channel, as all my videos will be there!

Hi. This is Stefan Knapen, from StudySuccessful.com, and I’m in HD.

I last week bought a Flip cam, this one [holds up box]. A FlipVideo Mino HD. Well, this is the case, I’m looking at the camera right now, which you can see, why? Cause I’m looking at it!
Which—well, what does this mean? I have now a camera, which is probably smaller than my mobile, my awesome, 10-year-old Nokia mobile. This means I can have it in my pocket all the time, so I can shoot videos everywhere, anywhere, whereever I want. So I will be sending out more videos, or making more videos at least.

The second thing. I will be shooting … well, shooting … I will be doing *this* more. A talking head over here, the camera over there, just sharing knowledge, getting knowledge out there, getting content out there. That’s what I want to do. I want to try to at least make one video a week for StudySuccessful.com, so I’ll be sharing more personal development tips, probably, more study hacks, study tricks; maybe even when I make something (like a notebook), for myself or something, I can film it and put it out there, in order to you—in order for you to make it, so you can make it also.

Well, that’s probably the only thing I wanted to share right now. What do you think of this? Comment below. I’m not sure about how it is with YouTube, if everything is working. Subscribe over there, I guess, or over there? a yellow button with “Subscribe.” Go to my StudySuccessful.com blog and you can subscribe over there in the right upper corner, which is this one. (Okay I’m right. :)) You can follow me on Twitter, it’s @StefanSSF (I’m not sure how I should pronounce it because my name is STAY-fahn, which you can call me Steven or something if you are English), S-t-e-f-a-n-S-S-F, which stands for StudySuccessful, of course. You can also hit up the Facebook page. For now, please share with me what you think, what can I improve, I mean, how can I improve these videos. I should probably have written out some things, because this is pretty messy. But it’s the first video, and I just want to send it out to you guys … and make sure you subscribe in order to get more knowledge, I hope. Maybe you could even respond with your own videos, so I can get to know you more, which will be awesome, because one reason I’m doing this is because I want to engage more with my readers. I—Basically, I have over 500 subscribers and I really don’t have any idea who they are. I have some idea, but not really a good idea. So, I want to get in contact with you more. So please comment below, subscribe over there, mention me on Twitter with what you think of the video, what you think of me, with my long hair and my Dutch accent. —I’m not sure if you are aware of it, but I’m Dutch, so English isn’t my main language.

Well, I think that’s it. Thank you for watching now. I hope I can make you happy with more content in the future. For now, bye-bye, and I’ll see you soon.

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