Summer is here, and summer means free time for the most of us. Of course you want to spend that time with friends, make a lot of fun and enjoy the summer. But after two weeks, it start to get a little boring right? You should consider a BIG-project! What is a BIG-project? A BIG-project is a really, really BIG project (as the name says). It’s a project which could last a summer, but it could also last years and years. An affiliate website will take some time now, but is over after the summer, landing a blog and make it successful can take years! It can be anything, I already mentioned a blog and an affiliate website. Other things are: writing a (e-)book, start a club or start a charity fund. As long it’s a project which takes time and you have to work on it pretty much. How to have a BIG-project.

  • Start something you would love to do. You will spend a lot of time with your project, make sure you like it. Not only because you have to spend a lot of time with it, but also because if you do something you love, it is more likely to be a success. Passion is a good drive. I’ve started a blog, because I love reading about new ideas and sharing my ideas.
  • Have a clear/realistic vision of what is going to happen. This project is going to take time. Know that. Your blog won’t get immediatly a lot of views. The subscribers won’t be there when you launch your website, ready to subscribe. It can take months before you make your first affiliate sell. This site is now up for a couple of months and there are still days with 20 pageviews only. Be patience, young padawan.
  • Try to spend some time on your project everyday. Sometimes it’s hard to work everyday on your project, believe me, it’s worth it. Because if you do every day something, you keep thinking about your project. Do something everyday: a little brainstorm session, make a phone call, write an e-mail. It doesn’t have to take really long, but do something! Maybe you can work on your project on a set time everyday, before the day maybe?
  • You are not alone. Good advice from a passed legend. You are not alone out there. Maybe you aren’t a team player, but you can always ask for advice or feed back. If you throw yourself in a prject alone, make sure you share you thoughts with others every once in a while. You think you can handle it all by yourself, maybe you can, but someone who critize your ideas sometimes is great. It makes your ideas better.

Start a BIG-Project! You have read about it now start one. Repeat after me: ‘BIIIIIIIIIIIG-PROJECT!’ Come on, say it out loud, with a deep, low voice: I’m gonna start a (do the voice) BIIIIG-PROJECT! (End voice) and I’m gonna make it a great one! Feels good right? Start one, it gives a purpose to your life, if you do something BIG. Did you already start a BIG-project? Let me know. Are you gonna start one? Let me know. I would love to know about your projects and maybe I can help with some. Good luck.



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