Everybody knows that you can learn a lot from a lecture. At least, that is what the teachers want you to believe. Attend every lecture, just keep listening and you won’t have to study anymore. A bunch of bullshit, according to me. According to me, there are 3 factors which makes it worth to go to a lecture.

The 3 factors that determine if the lecture is worth attending

  1. Is the material hard enough? If the teacher is in front of class talking about things you already know, why should you spend another hour listening to him? You can spend your time with studying material you don’t understand and becoming way better than your peers. Look at last week, how many lectures did you attend which probably weren’t that useful because you already knew the material covered? If this is more than 2 or 3 hours, you may start considering skipping the lecture before it has even started, with only looking at the subject. When you already understand the venous vein function curve already, why would you spend another hour on it?
  2. Did you prepare the lecture good enough? In a lot of cases, you don’t have to prepare the lecture, but you have to have some basic knowledge to understand what the professor is saying. If you don’t understand what he or she is saying at all, you will just come home with a head ache and the will to drop out of college right away. Probably not that good of a motivator, right?
  3. Is the professor good enough? This is the most important factor for me. Is the professor worth listening to? This sounds more worse than I mean it. What I mean is: is the man or woman able to speak in front of a class? I have seen teacher who kept staring to the monitor and repeating what the slides said. We are in college know, we are paying a lot of money (or others are doing it for us) and that is why I expect to have good (if not very good) speakers in front of me, explaining things where they know a lot about. And when the teacher isn’t good, I won’t be able to listen just because I am frustrated about the fact that the money is not well spend. You probably have lectures from the same professor a couple of times in the semester, so if you already know that that person shouldn’t be in front of class and you know you can’t stand that, you probably shouldn’t go at all.

These are the three factors that determine if the lecture is worth attending or not, these are external factors which you probably cannot influent that much (except the second). But there are also reasons to not go to a lecture because of you.

The 3 factors from within which determine whether you should go or not

  1. Are you awake. I’ve discussed this one in the first chapter of my free ebook, so I won’t get that deep on this one. But it is really important to be awake during the lecture, you should be able to understand what the professor is saying and to process the material he is covering. A lecture is important and a lecture can cause you to not read the study material anymore because you already know it, but you should be paying attention at the lecture, which isn’t possible when you are sleeping, right?
  2. Are you able to concentrate? Do you have a clear mind? Do you have a lot of things going on which distract you from the talking voice in front of class? Are you able to pay attention? For instance, if one of your best friends has lost a relative just the other day, you probably cannot pay attention because you are thinking about him/her. This doesn’t make the lecture worth going to, you may need to go to your friend in stead..
  3. Are you in the mood to be a knowledge sucking sponge? Cause if you aren’t, will the time be spend useful? When you are not in the mood at all, you probably end up drawing flowers or talking to friends, not that effective. You need to be motivated and in a certain mood to suck up all the knowledge the professor is spreading over you!

I know, not a lot of people will tell you to skip a lecture, I am also not a big fan of not attending them. But look at the last couple of weeks, how many hours have you spend at lectures which you could use in a better way? I know people who don’t go to lectures at all but pass with great marks. You may have a better use for your own time, also this is a part of time management.

Find out which lecture you probably shouldn’t attend and have peace with it. So if you are not going, read the chapter in the book a little bit better, talk to your friends about what they have learned, how does this work for you? Let me know.

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