Where do you get all your good ideas? And where do you lose them? If you are the same as me, in the shower. Not always though. I shower in the morning most of the times, right after I wake up. So I’m not wake enough to think. But when I’m awake for 20/30 minutes or so, the shower is my ultimate creativity spot. Like all your creative borders are washed away. Everything is possible, like you see a naked idea and you just have to dry it and dress it. In the shower, the impossible is possible, solutions are unlimited and opportunities are everywhere. The power of a shower. That is why I am going to change the way I take showers.

What I (and a lot of people with me) do now

I wake up, press snooze a couple of times, decide to get out of bed and jump in the shower. Shower, dry, get dressed, make myself look good enough to face daylight and I get out of my bedroom and get some breakfast. After breakfast the day finally starts. And that is finally the moment I need creativity, a long time after the shower. So I don’t need to ‘feel awake’ until I had breakfast. I don’t use anything of the power of the shower.

How I am going to use the shower (and how you should use it!)

When I wake up, the first thing I’ll do won’t be taking a shower. I will get breakfast first, drink a cup of coffee, read my email and go through my RSS feed. Then, when I’m going to need my creativity (or motivation) for college or a blog post, I’ll start thinking about the task. Brainstorm for a blog post, read through a draft of my paper, something like that. Then, I will take a shower. I’ll bring a notebook in the bathroom, so I can write down the ideas I get. I will make full use of the power of the shower. Think, think without limits, and write down every idea I get (a water-resistable notepad would be nice). After the shower, I will feel enthusiastic, motivated and eager to start writing the blog post or I will even be motivated for college.

The power of the shower is real people, who is going to take the experiment with me? Tell me about your findings, I will do the same!



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