A short post today, basically because there isn’t much more to say about it!

When you are setting goals, people tell you they should be clear. A clear goal makes your path clear towards the goal. A clear goal is everything. If you want to build a house, visualize it, draw it, make a list of requirements. Make a goal and work towards it. Or is there more to say about this?

How to set a goal you can reach

But what if the store ran out of the special floor you wanted so much for your house? What if they don’t have the right color green for the doorknobs? Your goal will never be reached and you will be bumped out.

That is the thing with setting good goals: Keep them vague! You want an end result, you don’t want the perfect picture in the end.

This insight results from a project I am working on. It is called the ‘Philosophy Garden’ (Dutch people: Filosofie tuin in Groningen). We are working on this with more than 5 guys, so the end picture can always change. And is that a bad thing? No! If we (a friend of mine and I, who started this project) would have had a picture in our heads that was so clear nobody would visit the Garden. Nobody would want to work together, because they couldn’t do their thing on this project. So our only goal is: ‘Having a place where we can hang out and discuss the Bigger Questions of life with awesome people’. How that is reached, where those conversations will be, what Bigger Questions are, that is all open for suggestion. Everybody can work with us on this project and everybody can put their egg into this basket. Great.

Setting goals isn’t always about having a clear goal, what is more important is to get somewhere, towards your goal. You can always change your goal into what you’ve reached! And you will be truely satisfied.

Awesome after post note: Half a year ago I wrote the exact opposite article about Goal Setting. How life can change a person, right?



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