I’ve had an interview with Scott H Young, a popular college blogger who is author of Learn More, Study Less. Learn More, Study Less is now expanded by an extinsive video course.

This interview will be the first of a series. I’m planning to interview a college blogger every friday for January. Coming up: David Pierce, Ibrahim Hussain and Cal Newport! So stay tuned.

[Me]: Hi Scott! Thanks for participating in this interview; can you give the readers a brief introduction of yourself?

[Scott]: Yeah Stefan, I’m a university student and blogger, and I’ve been writing ScottHYoung.com for 4 years now and I’ve produced over 700 articles.

[Me]: You’ve started blogging when you were in college. This combines two attention and time-sucking activities. How did you manage to do both of them?

[Scott]: Well I blog because I love it. But productivity skills definitely come into play. A big chunk of my blog is devoted to managing the different time commitments people face.

[Me]: And that certainly helped you with this. Do you have a secret ninja trick to succeed in college life?

[Scott]: Have a plan. If you don’t have a plan to succeed, you probably won’t get there. (No real ninja secret, but it helps!)

[Me]: Great! How do you think that helps in your college life?

[Scott]: Helps a lot, especially with managing different commitments. Waaay too easy to sit around and do nothing all day if you don’t have a plan.

[Me]: And do you read other college blogs as wel? Which would you recommend?

[Scott]:  Of course, I would recommend:

[Me]: Cal is actually going to be interviewed here as well! I’ve never heard about the other three, so that’s pretty cool. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions you wish to share with the readers?

[Scott]: I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I’m more about change on a monthly level, small steps with patience rather than giant leaps. That said, I’ve got a new program geared at rapid learning tactics coming out in January, so a lot of my focus is on making that a success. Also, I’m learning French.

[Me]: Well, thanks again for this interview!

Next friday an interview with David Pierce! Stay tuned for more. Check out Scott H Young’s Learn More, Study Less!

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