Clichés suck. Clichés are used too much, sucked out too much and again, used too much. Still, I am going to use two of them. Not because I think I will speak to a bigger audience if I write something down what they’ve read before (which means they’ll understand it), but because I’ve came across them this week and they both made an impact. Please read on.

That doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger

A complete song is devoted to this sentence (Stronger – Kanye West), but it has a certain meaning. This sentence makes you train really hard and with this sentence in your head you can go to the very end. You are willing to work really hard, until you almost pass out, just because you know you will get out of this stronger.

I’ve repeated this sentence frequently back when I was in competetive swimming and when I was working out in general. It has been a long time since I heard this sentence again, until a fellow student said it to me.

The context was that I was having troubles with an assignment. He is in the same group as I am for this assignment and we were wondering if we were doing it right or not. Our teacher (called ‘a coach’ ironically) isn’t a very easy-going guy (softly said), so we were thinking to ourselves: ‘Well, the next meeting will be fun again.’ And he said: ‘That doesn’t kill you..’

I never thought of this sentence before in the context of a mental effort. Only physically. If you fail you can only grow, as long as it doesn’t kill you. This sentence is even more important in mental endeavors than in physical efforts.

Funny. Just a couple of days before the guy said this to me I saw this YouTube video:

Failure is a greater good. That is discussed before. Together with this cliché, it has a way stronger meaning. The cliché of ‘that doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger’ is the exact meaning of the video I share above.

No rest for the wicked

Before I’ve discussed things like fighting another round, working your ass off and caring just a little more. This means you will get tired. This means you want to jump off the wagon every once in a while. This means that you can’t go to a party, you can’t watch the latest How I Met Your Mother episode. Sorry you can’t party. Sorry you can’t laugh about the latest joke of Barney Stinson. But how important is this really to you? If you look back at this year in December 2011, what will have mattered? The missed party or the written post? The small smile with friends or the email to the president which made you able to change the world? Well?

Accept it. There is no rest for the wicked. That is why they are called the wicked. This sentence suddenly came to me on the bicycle, when I cycled from the university to my house, I yawned. What would people have thought? The guy is hung over? Or the guy was busy last night working on an assignment? Does it care? Does you yawning mean to you? ‘Go to bed earlier?’ Get lost. No. Do what you have to do. There is no rest for the wicked.

Enjoy being the wicked. Enjoy failure. There is no rest for you and you can only grow stronger. Accept it. Enjoy. Hate it. And be successful. This is the reason you are growing faster than any other. You’ve accepted that there is no rest for you and you’ve embraced the stupid thing called ‘failure’. And this will be the reason why you are so satisfied when you look back in December. Care, grow, fail, learn and grow even more. Oh, don’t forget to enjoy.

Take this, haters.

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