How much do you spend on textbooks every year? This will be around 800$ for me, which means a lot of money! Have you ever considered renting textbooks in stead of buying them?

Three reasons to stop buying textbooks and start renting them

  1. Way cheaper. Obvious, it saves a lot of money! And with the money you saved you can do awesome things, like going on holiday!
  2. You save room. After a couple of years of college you will need a big book shelf to store all your books. And you are probably not going to read any of these books anymore! Selling them is an option, but when there are new releases nobody buys them. And you are stuck with all these books..
  3. You don’t pay for nothing. There are books on my list which I almost didn’t read. This is just a waste of money. When you rent, you spend at least not that much money.

Three reasons why you shouldn’t rent textbooks

  1. The shelf is awesome. Having all these textbooks is awesome! Medical Physiology, Immunology. Awesomeness, I don’t wanna miss these books.
  2. Selling is more profitable. As I said, there is a chance you can’t sell them. But if you can, it is more profitable than renting! You may even get some money out of it.
  3. They are your own. No due dates, no fines when your textbooks are in not that good of a state after a year. They are your own and you can do with them what you want!

So, what is your opinion? Should you go to a textbook rental or not? Please share in the comments!

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