Everybody faces fears and frustrations in college. Whether it is a fear for the upcoming final or a frustration of the mark you got back which was totally uncalled for! There are always frustrations about college and frustrations are solvable.

And that is what I want to do. I want to help you conquering and rocking the college experience! In order to do so, I want to give the full 100% to my readers. You are the guys who have supported me for a long time. After almost one and a half year of blogging I can only say I am really grateful of what I have got so far from my readers and from everything blogging can give to you.

Now, I want to take that to a higher level

I want to give more specific advice to you guys and girls. I want to talk about things that are bothering you! In order to do so, I would like you to share your frustration, fear or problem you are having in college. Where do you want to know more about? What is something that is bothering you for a long time, please share it with me.


Ok, you’ve 3 options here.

  1. You can contact me. Visit the contact page, shoot me an email and I will respond.
  2. Share it in the comments. If you want to share your comment in the comments, it might actually become a nice discussion not only between you and me, but also between other readers as well. I am sure there is way more knowledge on your side of the screen than on mine. Especially combined!
  3. Use this nice little form. This form requires you one thing: just type. If you are shy, please use this form. I want to know problems which I can solve in blog posts or videos. If you just post your problem, fear or frustration, that is enough for me! You can’t get a free consultation though.

Free consultation

Let’s take this seriously to the next level. If you have a problem/frustration/fear, let’s talk about it. Send me an email or comment on this post (I will have your email as well in that way) and we can connect. I can give you a little 15-minute skype call about your problem and we can discuss it. Make sure you can handle my slightly Dutch accent though!

So, please share your frustration/fear/problem in the comments or shoot me an email. Or, of course, use the form below if you don’t want to be shown public (something I can understand!). If you are leaving your contact details somehow I will get in contact with you in the upcoming week and we can schedule a little meeting to talk about your problem! If you have just a tip to share, you can also contact me! I am in for anything, I wanna contact with you!

Please share the things that are bothering you in college life. Awesomeness is awaiting.



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