There is a lot written about procrastination and how to beat it. And am I going to write about it also? Yes. But slightly different, cause I have my own view on it.. In the first part, I’m going to tell you what the convential theory is, what you can read on any site. In part two, I’m going to write about my own view on procrastination. So whatever you are going to do, stay tuned!

Procrastination: What is it?

‘to defer action’ Keep pushing your actions forward, until there is no time anymore to do it. THAT is procrastination. When you have a test in four weeks, and you start to learn the day before the test, because ‘you had other things to do and studying could wait’ then you are procrastinating! When your mom tells you to clean your room or you can’t go to a party that evening and you keep playing on your ps2 and you start cleaning up after dinner, you are procrastinating!

So far the definition, you all probably know what procrastination is. Putting things off, wait to do something till the end of time.

How to stop procrastination

Procrastination can’t be a good thing, you get stressy and makes things which could be way better if you spend more time on it, right? So you need to stop this bad habit!

  • Do it as the first thing you do. Shut everything off and do the task you need to do. Don’t do any other stupid activity before you have finished this one.
  • Make it small chores. A big school project can’t be done in an afternoon with your computer, make tiny chunks from that big project and do those tiny chores!
  • Make sure you want to do it. Think about what happens when you do what you are procrastinating now. And you will want to start!
  • Just start. Or as some little shoe fabricator said: ‘Just do it.’ To start is the hardest part, but the most essential part! So, just start!

Procrastination is an enemy that we all should beat! In the next part about this subject, I’ll explain my own view on procrastination! Stay tuned..

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