I explained in my last post what the convential theory about procrastination is and one of the solutions is: ‘Just start.’ I want to explain this solutions by a little example.

How a pile of clothes can make you scared.

I am moving out in a couple of months and I wanted to clean my closet. So I have sorted out all my clothes. One pile with ‘to keep’, one pile with ‘maybe keep’ and one pile with ‘throw away’. Worked out pretty good, the throwaway pile was big enough for me! Finally some room in my closet again. The throwaway pile had to be sorted out again. What can I really throw away and what should I pass on to my nephews. And then, I had to leave, so I just let the throwaway pile for what it was.. For a week. Why? I think I just was scared for that big pile! I thought I have to have a couple of free hours to sort this pile out and I haven’t had that time before. Allright, let’s be honest, this pile looks scary right: Link (Warning! This image contains a scary clothes pile, be warned)

And was it that scary?

Yesterday, after reading a post about productivity, I wanted to do something productive and I decided to face the pile and sort it out. I actually set an egg timer on the internet and I gave myself 30 minutes. And it worked. It wasn’t scary at all, I have cleaned that pile in 30 minutes. My procrastination was grounded on nothing. ‘Just start’ worked out good for me. Now there are three big bags. One for my nephews, one for the Salvation Army and one that my mom have to look at. Here is an image with everything sorted out. (Post-its included, I love them)


Just start. Procrastination is most of the times grounded on nothing. Start and be happy with the effects you reach!



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