‘Pretend he procrastinated, had no motivation. Made up excuses so thin they would blow with the wind’ – Eminem

As you probably know, I like Eminem as a musician. The guy raps really agressively, but he also ‘spits’ great lines. This is one of them. Pretend you didn’t do what you have to do, what would happen?

Let’s pretend: The Future

What if you don’t do what you have to do right now? How would that effect your long-term goals? How would that effect what kind of image people have of you?

For instance. What if I just stopped with writing right now. What would that mean for this blog in the next year? I’ll be probably recieving some traffic every month, but on the long term, it wouldn’t do any good. How would that effect my long-term goal of providing valuable content which helps the readers becoming better students, better persons? Probably big time! After reading the posts I’ve read before, there wouldn’t be anything more. And the reader would be stuck at where they are right now.

What if you just stopped studying right now? You wouldn’t pass this year, you wouldn’t get your degree and you wouldn’t become the doctor/lawyer/businessdude you want to become. Too bad.

But even a more important ‘what if’. What if you stopped improving right now? What if you stopped evaluating yourself every once in a while. Pretend you wouldn’t learn anymore. No learning from your mistakes, no growth. You wouldn’t be the awesome person you are becoming right now. Pretend you stopped working on yourself, you would be a mess eventually.

Let’s pretend: The Presence

What if you didn’t do certain things you did in the past? Pretend you didn’t had the motivation in high school to go to college. What would that mean right now for you? You wouldn’t be in college, you would be working already and starting the ‘grown-up’ life already. What would that mean?

What if you made up excuses in the past to not do the work you had to do. Where would you be? Cherish these thoughts. You’ve brought yourself so far, you are already such an awesome person. Cherish the person in the past who didn’t let you slip off your motivation. Love the guy who said you just had to ‘suck up and get going’. See how awesome the person is who didn’t let you sleep all day, but you got actually something done.

What if? Why even bother

Every once in a while you have to think about who you are, why and how you became you. This will learn more about you and more about how you will act in the future. Love who you are, enjoy the trip that it takes to find otu how you became that person. Pretending isn’t easy, but it can help you in the future. Next time you don’t have any motivation, remember you had motivation in the past, remember you need motivation RIGHT NOW in order to not be the person you just pretended you would be. Be awesome. Stay awesome. Become even more awesome. Good luck.

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